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        1)樁的單位面積承載力較高, 由于其屬擠土樁,樁打人后其周圍的土層被擠密,從而提高地基承載力;    







        1) the bearing capacity of the unit area of piles is higher, because of the soil compaction pile, the soil layer around the pile is compacted, thus improving the bearing capacity of the foundation.;

        2) quality of pile body is easy to check and ensure; workover is suited for underwater applied; the density of the pile body concrete, strong corrosion resistance performance; high construction efficiency; because of its into the pile construction process than perfusion pile simple, work efficiency is high;

        3) the unit price of precast piles is higher than the pouring piles. The reinforcement of the precast piles is designed according to the stress of carrying, hoisting and piling, far more than the normal working load, and it need to increase the relevant expenses when the steel is large and the pile is connected.;

        4) hammer and method of vibration sinking precast pile construction, the vibration noise, affecting the surrounding environment, should not be used in city building dense areas, it generally takes change for static pressure pile machine construction;

        5) precast piles are crowded piles, which can easily lead to uplift of surrounding ground, sometimes caused by the uplift of piles.;

        6) is limited by the ability of lifting equipment, single section pile length should not be too long, generally more than 10 meters, long pile for pile splicing and joints formed weak link, if not to ensure the whole pile verticality, it will reduce the bearing capacity of the pile, even at the time of driving appear broken pile;

        7) it is hard to penetrate thick hard strata, and when the hard strata still exist in the weak layer, then need to be supplemented with other construction measures, such as the use of pre drilling (commonly cited hole method), etc..


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